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In 1932, KAL® and Thompson® were established as two of the first nutritional supplement providers in the United States. Over 80 years later, these two brands are part of our portfolio of more than 65 brands and 7,500 products serving families around the world in approximately 60 countries.

The natural product and nutritional supplement industry experienced explosive growth during the last half of the 20th century, leaving it fragmented and in need of market leadership. In 1993, Nutraceutical was formed to answer this call. That year, we completed our first acquisition – Solaray – and launched an industry-wide consolidation effort that we continue today by acquiring many of the most respected health and nutrition brands in the country. We have completed more than 50 acquisitions. Today, our “Family of Brands” benefit from our consistent company-wide quality control protocols, strict regulatory compliance programs, and our innovative research & development initiatives. Our team now includes some of the most talented and experienced management and employees in the industry.

While you may be hearing about Nutraceutical for the first time, our brands and products may have been serving your family for decades. If your family depends on you, you can depend on us.

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