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Code at sign up


  • 25% off all products
  • For everyone
  • One use per customer

Active from Jan 18 to Dec 31, 2021

The Wellca Rewards Program

  • 200 points at sign up
  • $1 spent = 5 points
  • 100 points = $1 off
  • 500 Happy Birthday points
  • 2x points when you order on Sunday

†Redeem your points on any order over $25. Points are not earned on Tax or Shipping and cannot be applied to pay Tax or Shipping Charges. Points will be applied to account after return period of purchase has expired. Cannot be redeemed for cash and only the amount of points required for the order can be used. Meaning an order for $1 can only use a maximum of 100 points.

Zen B-12 Coupling 

Add All Items to Your Cart - The Discount is Automatic


  • Spend $29.99
  • Get 1 item free.
  • Cannot Be Combined with Any other Offers 

Active from May 4 – Limited Time

†Due to Limitations within Shopify if you purchase this item you are not able to use any other discount codes. The best way around this is to make 2 separate purchases.



Active from May 6 to Nov 30, 2021

Cheat Code: an-giftbag-1


When you purchase $29.99 of Ancient Nutrition Products get a Giftbag FREE.

  • Spend $29.99 Get 1 item free
  • 1 use per order until giftbags are gone.

Active from May 5, 2021 until GONE

Code: 8XB71GSP4KTK


When You Buy 1 Package of Junket Mix Ice Crm Gf Vnlla 4 oz Pack of 6 and Get 25% off 1 Zen Supplements - Organic Plant Protein Vanilla 1 LB-Powder

One use per customer and cannot be combined with any other offer

    Active from Apr 27 to Aug 31, 2021

    Code: B737RP6XGP6G

    All Weltopia Products Are 25% Off For Limited Time


    • 25% off Weltopia Products
    • One Use Per Customer and Cannot Be Combined with Any other Offers
    Active from May 11 to May 31, 2021


    North Sea Supplements - 50% Off


    • Available on online sales channels
    • 50% off all products
    • One Use Per Customer and Cannot Be Combined with Any other Offers

    Active from May 13, 2021 to May 20, 2021


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