Turmeric Plus Heart Complete with CoQ10 - 60 Veggie Caps

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Nature's Garden - Turmeric Plus Heart Complete with CoQ10

In Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient form of healing in India, turmeric was used in many applications including support for the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. Today, we use turmeric for its support of the body’s natural inflammatory processes, its use as an antioxidant, and for liver support.

Although many compounds have been identified in turmeric, the ones of particular importance are the curcuminoids. Curcuminoids are the compounds in turmeric that give curry dishes their distinctive color and flavor. From a health perspective, it is the support that curcuminoids give for the body’s natural inflammatory processes that is most significant. Curcuminoids support these processes by helping to maintain cortisone at adequate levels.

Turmeric Plus Heart Complete with CoQ10 is for comprehensive cardio and vascular support.

• Hawthorne berry (1.8% vitexins), the number one tonic herb for the heart, supports the heart muscle. CoQ10 supports healthy mitochondria in heart muscles for strong, long term heart muscle function.
• Beet powder supports nitric acid production, helping to maintain healthy blood vessels and blood flow.
• Turmeric root extract (95% Curcuminoids) supports the natural inflammatory processes for blood vessel integrity.
• Red root supports lymph drainage to maintain healthy lipid levels for vessel health.
• Methlytetrahydrofolate is methylated folic acid (aka Quatrefolic acid) for healthy cholesterol and homocysteine levels.
• Methylcobalamin, the methylated form of vitamin B12, maintains healthy homocysteine levels and supports cellular energy production.
• Black pepper fruit facilitates absorption and promotes healthy circulation

Inflammation may be a factor in many health conditions. Supporting the body’s natural inflammatory processes can be a part of the approach to resolving these issues. Turmeric may provide this support.

One of our best selling Herbal supplements is Turmeric Plus Heart Complete with CoQ10. Made with Hawthorn Berry, Organic Beet Root, Redroot, Black Pepper, and Turmeric Root Extracts combined with 100mg of Co Q10 (Ubiquinol). This is the most popular, most doctor-recommended supplement out on the herbal supplement market today! 

Nature's Garden has formulated a powerful, potent herbal supplement to make your heart healthy and strong. Our formula will get you on the path to wellness and with Turmeric Plus Heart Complete with CoQ10, our herbal supplement formulated just for you, we have your ultimate heart health in mind. 

CoQ10 Is Fuel for Your Heart
Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day to get the job done and is fueled by CoQ10, which is the reason why so many scientific studies have shown that it grants powerful support for your entire cardiovascular system. When your heart has the high levels of CoQ10 it needs, it works like a charm. You see, your mitochondria (the cells' energy factories) need CoQ10 to generate ATP energy to keep your heart cells functioning and healthy.


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