Livamed - Cal-Mag 1:1 with Vitamin D3 Veg Caps 90 Count

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Cal-Mag 1:1 with Vitamin D3 Veg Caps 90 Count

Maintain Bones, Muscles & Nerves

Livamed Cal-Mag 1:1 has what some consider to be the optimal ratio of calcium to magnesium. Although calcium is important, magnesium is also essential for healthy bones, muscles and nerves. The average diet lacks adequate magnesium, so supplementing with one serving of Cal-Mag 1:1 helps to fill that gap with 90% of the daily value of this vital nutrient.

In addition to this optimal ratio of minerals, Cal-Mag 1:1 contains specially formulated citrate forms of both calcium and magnesium, which have better absorption than other forms. Vitamin D3 has been added to enhance the body’s calcium absorption and utilization. Also, this product is in a green food base of watercress, parsley and alfalfa and is guaranteed for purity and potency.


  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Suggested Use:

Take up to three vegetarian capsules daily.

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