Livamed - Ultimate Ginger Complex® with Standardized Ginger Veg Caps 60 Count

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Ultimate Ginger Complex® with Standardized Ginger Veg Caps 60 Count

Ultimate Ginger Complex Benefits:

  • Supports stomach health
  • Support gastrointestinal health
  • Supports digestion
  • Promotes abdominal comfort
  • May provide temporary relief from occasional nausea
  • No gluten, nuts, or soy

Supports Stomach, Liver & Intestinal Health

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has a long history of use in promoting healthy digestion, as well as aiding in nausea and morning sickness. It has also been shown to support healthy joints and the soft tissue healing process. This product contains supercritical ginger extract and whole ginger powder to provide a full-spectrum botanical with all the traditional benefits of ginger. Since botanical powders may be difficult to digest due to the cellulose fiber naturally found in plants (humans aren't able to digest cellulose), cellulase is added to the formula. Cellulase is a natural enzyme that breaks down cellulose, allowing the actives to be released in the body and result in maximum effectiveness. Standardized rosemary extract is added to provide powerful antioxidant protection. Rosemary extract is standardized to 6% carnosic acid, which has been found to be a powerful inhibitor of lipid peroxidation in microsomal and liposomal systems. Researchers have found that rosemary extract is beneficial in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and in supporting liver health.

Ultimate Ginger Complex from Livamed is a dietary supplement that supports a healthy stomach, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. This formula may also promote abdominal comfort and may help to settle the stomach. Ginger belongs to the same family of plants as turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. The plant has been traded and used for medicinal purposes for several centuries.

Ultimate Ginger Complex contains both ginger extract and whole ginger to provide a full spectrum of potential benefits. The ginger in this formula is standardized to 10% gingerols and pungent compounds for optimal bioavailability and potentially beneficial medicinal properties. Additionally, this formula contains cellulose, which is an enzyme that supports the digestion of food in the stomach, and the optimal absorptions of nutrients found in ginger. The carnosic acid in this formula is a constituent of rosemary and may provide antioxidant activity.


  • Keep out of reach of children.

Suggested Use:

Take one capsule with food.

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