Allimax Nutraceuticals Liquid Supplement, 0.33 Fluid Ounce

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  • Liquid allicin
  • With Allisure AC-23
  • No chemicals, preservatives or additives

Publisher: Everready First Aid

Release Date: 27-11-2015

Details: How to get the best from Allimax LiquidAllimax liquid contains Allisure AC-23 stabilized allicin natures. The liquid is safe and easy to use. Taking 1 to 3 Allimax capsules daily at the same time speeds the healing process greatly. Your legs and knees. You can also use Allimax liquid on any cuts, bruises, bites or stings which can become infected. The liquid may be applied as and when required. You can impregnate a bandage or dressing for easy application. It is also available in spray bottles. Once the liquid has started the healing process and some new thin skin has appeared it is then more effective to continue using Allimax cream topically on the wound and stop using the liquid. Fungal infections are very common on the finger-nails, usually shown by tiny black or white spots which in time may get bigger and if not treated could lead to a split or cracked nail that can eventually be lost. Allimax liquid or cream, applied twice daily over the nail and cuticle surface along with two Allimax capsules taken daily can normally resolve this within 12 weeks. It is imperative the protocol be followed throughout the entire new growth process of the nail. If this is not . .

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Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.4 x 1.2 inches

Item Condition: New

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