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Brand: Ancient Nutrition


  • ULTIMATE STRENGTH - Get 100 Billion CFU of 18 specially selected probiotic strains that are designed to “seed” in the digestive tract, allowing them to nourish the growth of good bacteria in your gut
  • HEALTHY DIGESTION - Support your digestive tract with good bacteria that can withstand the harsh environment. Our probiotics are naturally resistant to the harsh environment of the upper digestive tract and stomach
  • GLUTEN FREE - Naturally gluten free and soy free, Ancient Probiotics are designed to deliver healthy bacteria to create balance and foster growth, without these common allergens
  • NO REFRIGERATION - Soil-based Organisms, also known as SBOs, are a hardy form of bacteria meaning they don’t require refrigeration to survive, and are better suited to survive the journey through the intestines and stomach
  • Our Ancient Nutrition Promise: Not satisfied? Let us know and we’ll make it right for you!*

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Ancient Probiotics Ultimate may be the new kid on the block but it's turning heads for a reason. Made from specially selected strains of probiotics to benefit your gut in an effective way. Choosing the right probiotics is important for many reasons. Many companies sell probiotics that don't always make it all the way to your digestive tract meaning, you're often getting a lower CFU count than promised. Soil-based organisms, known as SBOs, are unique organisms as their very structure is naturally resistant to the harsh environment of the upper digestive tract and stomach. Also known as "spore-forming bacteria", SBOs are able to "seed" the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria which can grow and flourish to support health, including supporting healthy digestion and more. SBOs are hardier than other forms of bacteria, since they don't require refrigerations (meaning they are "shelf stable") or any special handling, and can better survive the journey through the stomach to your intestines. When you consider the major role that gut microbes play in the normal, healthy functioning of the body, it's no wonder that gut microbes in and of themselves are considered an "organ" and can directly affect our brain health, immune health, our metabolic health and weight as well as the effectiveness of our body's built-in detoxification system. Among many other strains, you'll find Bacillus coagulans and Lactobacillus plantarum in all Ancient Probiotics formulas. These two are most known for their ability to grow and develop in the harsh environment of your digestive tract. Additionally, you'll find Triphala, and Ayurvedic Superfruit Trio in all Ancient Probiotic formulas. These herbs and spices are traditionally used to support gut and bowel health.

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