Natra Bio Bioallers Mold/Yeast/Dust Allergy Relief 1 oz Pack of 2

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Brand: bioAllers


  • Powerful: May help relieve animal hair & dander allergy symptoms like sneezing, itching & congestion
  • Pet the Pets: Homeopathically prepared allersodes of dogs, cats, horses, sheep & cattle
  • Now & Later: May provide short-term symptom relief & help to build long-term resistance to allergens
  • Quality: Formulated & manufactured to OTC homeopathic standards; non-drowsy, no excessive dryness
  • Customers Say: Yes, it works!

Binding: Health and Beauty

Release Date: 29-10-2010

Details: My wife has been using this for many years ... she has allergies and we have cats ... works very well! bioAllers Animal Hair & Dander Allergy Treatment is designed using homeopathic principles and may help provide temporary general relief of allergy symptoms related to animal hair and dander. Homeopathic theory is that symptom relief is attained through stimulation of the natural healing response. Our dual-action formula is manufactured to provide precise levels of homeopathic ingredients intended to target short-term, multi-symptom relief as well as to help build long-term resistance to specific allergens over time. Pharmaceutical grade allersodes include dogs, cats, horse, sheep, and cattle. As one of the top homeopathic allergy brands in the United States, our bar is set high. bioAllers Outdoor Allergy solution is formulated to be non-drowsy and to work without causing excessive dryness or thirst. Lastly, manufactured to OTC homeopathic standards in the USA, anyone over the age of two in the United States can benefit from bioAllers because products are formulated to deliver allergy symptom relief in all regions across the U.S. Our Manufacturer To ensure you get only the best supplements with the best ingredients, our manufacturer, Nutraceutical, requires a certificate of analysis from each supplier to guarantee product quality. But they dont stop there. Upon receiving any ingredient, they test in a state-of-the-art laboratory before any material is used in our formulas. Nutraceuticals lab verification procedure includes testing for heavy metals, microbes, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, major allergens, and purity, identity, and potency. Rest assured, every batch meets the highest-quality standard because you deserve the best. Trust bioAllers to deliver the highest-quality allergy symptom relief order our Animal Hair & Dander Allergy Treatment today!

Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.3 x 1.6 inches

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