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BioSil Bone Mineralizer Matrix 120tab Pack of 2

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Brand: Natural Factors


  • BONE BUILDING: Formulated with an array of vitamins and minerals to support strong, healthy bones
  • IMPROVED BONE MINERAL DENSITY: Includes highly-absorbable calcium along with magnesium and vitamins D3, C, K1 and K2 to help improve BMD
  • SIX TABLETS: For maximum absorption, take 3 tablets twice daily; Take alongside Bone Collagenizer Matrix for best results
  • CALCIUM ABSORPTION: MK7, a form of vitamin K2, helps ensure calcium binds to bones properly
  • SUPPORTS BONE HEALTH: Designed to help fend off age-related low bone mineral density, brittle bones and a reduction of collagen

Publisher: Natural Factors

Details: BioSil Bone Mineralizer Matrix from Natural Factors is formulated to support strong, healthy bones with essential vitamins and minerals. Designed with a full serving of highly absorbable calcium paired with vitamins K2, D3 and C to help optimize calcium absorption even further. Since collagen provides ample sites for the calcium to bind with bone, we recommend taking Bone Mineralizer Matrix alongside Bone Collagenizer Matrix.

EAN: 5425010391613

Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.8 x 2.7 inches

Item Condition: New

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