Cal-Max - Calcium Citrate w/ Vitamin D3 and Magnesium For Maximum Absorption and Potency - Bone & Joint Support - 1000mg per Serving - 180 Tablets - Kosher

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Brand: Maxi Health


  • PURE AND POTENT INGREDIENTS - Maxi Health Cal-Max Contains All-Natural Ingredients of 1000mg Calcium, 750mg Magnesium, 400IU D3, and Provides 2mg of Boron to Support Healthy Bone, Teeth, Muscle, and Joints.
  • OPTIMAL CALCIUM ABSORPTION – Unlike Other Calcium Supplements, Maxi’s Cal-Max has Vitamin D3 to Help Maximize Calcium Absorption.
  • REDUCES THE RISK OF OSTEOPOROSIS – This Combination of Essential Vitamins Enhances Calcium Levels that Often Result In Bone Loss (Osteoporosis), Weak Bones. Take 4 Tablets Daily or As Directed by Healthcare Professionals.
  • THE RIGHT DOSAGE FOR ADULTS – Maxi Health’s Calcium Supplement Provides the Right Amount of Calcium on a Daily Basis. These Tablets are Gluten-Free, With No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives, and Kosher Certified.
  • Manufactured in an GMP Registered Facility in the USA, Maxi Health’s Calcium and Vitamin D3 Tablets Ensure that You Are Getting Enough Calcium that You Need for Stronger Muscles and Bones.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Cal-Max uses the Calcium Citrate form of calcium for better bioavailability (which refers to the amount that is absorbed by the body). Calcium loss is constant as the body carries on its daily functions. In addition, calcium is essential for the contraction of muscles, conducting nerve impulses, and enzyme activity. Cal-Max uses vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) which is the same thing you would get from sitting out in the sun. For many people adequate sunshine is no longer an option for many reasons such as weather, dress codes, skin conditions, and others. Supplementation is fast becoming the method of choice for adequate vitamin D intake. Magnesium is required for so many things, what better time is there to take it if not with your calcium? Also, for those who wish to take Boron along with calcium and magnesium, Cal-Max has it! Calcium has a lot of health benefits, not only for our bones: -Essential for bone and dental health -May help reduce the chance of kidney stones -Cardiovascular health -Highly recommended during pregnancy -Helps PMS Symptoms -Might help lose weight Made for both men and women, this kosher-certified and gluten-free supplement is free from preservatives and anything artificial. Safe and natural, calcium citrate supplement helps boost your immune system without side effects.

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