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Colmans Mustard Squeezy 5.3 oz Pack of 6

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Brand: Colman's


  • Colman's Mustard has been the favoured mustard of both the Royal Family and the British nation since 1814
  • Convenient squeeze bottle for ease of use
  • To enjoy Colman's in true British style pair with roasts, sausage, cold meats, or liven up your sandwichs and dips
  • Hot and hearty, that's the Colman's English Mustard sensation
  • Product of Great Britain

Publisher: Colman's

Details: Give your everyday recipes a spicy kick with Colman’s Squeezy Mustard. Our gourmet hot mustard is made using time-honored traditions and the highest quality ingredients. Our mustards perfectly blend white and brown mustard seeds from England to heat up your favorite dishes. Dubbed “The Queens Mustard” and awarded the royal emblem, our mustards are created with meticulous care and impeccable craftsmanship. Since 1814, Colman’s has been providing mustard options for your sandwiches, stews, dips, dressings and more, capturing the taste buds of at-home chefs and foodies. It is a bold, hot kitchen staple. Let Colman’s bring the heat to your kitchen!

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