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Country Life Real Food Organics Your Daily Probiotic

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Brand: Country Life


  • INCLUDES PROBIOTICS AND PREBIOTICS - This healthy Organic dietary supplement provides added Digestive Support.
  • CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE BY GFCO.ORG - This product is certified Gluten Free so you can enjoy even if you experience gluten sensitivity.
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY Corn - Wheat - Soy - Milk - Preservatives - Artificial Colors - Artificial Flavors - Artificial Sweeteners - Magnesium Stearate.
  • COUNTRY LIFE PLEDGE OF INTEGRITY means that every product we provide comes with a guarantee of high quality and purity in every product.

Publisher: Country Life

Details: Is Country Life Realfood Organics Probiotic right for you? Realfood Organics Probiotic Daily Powder takes our whole food philosophy and combines it with probiotics AND prebiotics to provide you added digestive support. Made from over 20 raw fruits and vegetables, this food blend provides a naturally nourishing environment for the probiotic cells.Nine different strains of probiotics are included in our Probiotics blend. And with the inclusion of organic inulin, this prebiotic helps support microflora balance. In just 1 scoop, you get the benefits of a probiotic, food blend, PLUS aloe vera. So how do we pack so much? Nutrients can be delicate and require careful handling to retain them. We discovered that by combining fresh, raw whole food ingredients with probiotic cultures and then fermenting and freeze-drying this mix, we were able to deliver you a product we felt good about calling Realfood Organics.

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