Doctor's Best Benfotiamine, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels, 150 mg, 360 Veggie Caps (DRB-00269)

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Product Information

Brand: Doctor's Best


  • Benfotiamine is fat-soluble and more bioavailable and physiologically active than thiamin
  • Stimulates transketolase a cellular enzyme essential for maintenance of normal glucose metabolic pathways
  • Benfotiamine raises the blood level of thiamin pyrophosphate
  • Vegetarian
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Binding: Health and Beauty

Release Date: 30-01-2012

Details: Support against oxidative stress. Benfotiamine displays direct antioxidant action in vitro, and preliminary research with human subjects suggests that this activity can be advantageous in helping to safeguard the integrity of human DNA by increasing the antioxidant capacity of plasma. In the laboratory, when human, rat, and porcine kidney cells were exposed to toxins that assault the integrity of DNA, benfotiamine was able to reduce oxidative stress under these circumstances. Benfotiamine, like vitamins C and E, can deter the activation of NF-kB (a DNA-binding factor known to be activated by oxidative stress-generated reactive oxygen species) for more balanced immune responses. Furthermore, recent in vitro results suggest that the beneficial antioxidant properties of benfotiamine could work against some forms of lipid peroxidation. An animal model suggests that during oxidative stress generated by excess glucose, benfotiamine has the capacity to reduce levels of superoxide and hydroxyl radicals in the heart. Similarly, an animal model of induced oxidative stress in the cerebral cortex (the outer most layer of the brain) suggests a beneficial antioxidant effect of benfotiamine. Supports blood levels of thiamin pyrophosphate (TTP), the biologically active co–enzyme form of thiamin* Helps maintain healthy glucose metabolism. Benfotiamine increases blood and tissue levels of thiamin pyrophosphate (TPP), the biologically active co-enzyme form of thiamin. TPP acts as a co-enzyme for three critical enzymes involved in glucose metabolism: 1) transketolase, 2) pyruvate dehydrogenase, and 3) a-ketoglutarate decarboxylase. The latter two enzymes are involved in utilizing glucose for fuel. Thus, TTP is vital to the cell’s energy supply. Stimulates transketolase, a cellular enzyme essential for maintenance of normal glucose metabolic pathways. Supports healthy aging. Disrupts formation of Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs). Helps maintain healthy circulation.

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Languages: German

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