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Hyalogic Hyalun PRO 90 9 oz

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  • BETTER JOINT HEALTH: Horses are heavy! Equine joints can deteriorate quickly; factors such as turnout availability, riding, driving, footing, and especially anatomical imperfections can increase the compression of your horses joints. An oral hyaluronic acid joint supplement may help joints and cartilage bounce back
  • JOINT SUPPLEMENT: Equine vet visits can be expensive, help keep your horses' joints supported. Hyaluronic acid supplements with a high molecular weight are a easy, tasteless solution for supporting joints and cartilage naturally, and keeping your horse healthy, happy and cared for
  • AGE FIGHTING CARTILAGE SUPPORT: As age, anatomy and activity wear down the cartilage and joint lubrication of the joints, a joint supplement for horses can prolong the life of the joint and the cartilage cushion. Hyalun eases joint stiffness due to normal exercise and activity, enhancing healthy joint fluid viscosity
  • EASY TO ADMININSTER 30 DOSES: This HA supplement administers 30 doses of 30mg of pure hyaluronic acid for horses, quickly, easily and without fuss. The oral injector is easy to use and releases the perfect amount. No wasted powder in your feed tubs
  • HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE: Hyalogic Hyaluronic Acid Horse Joint Supplement has a high-molecular weight. We pride ourselves in providing you quality products that produce amazing benfits for your pets. Our product line, HyaFlex for dog or cat joint care and Hyalun PRO for equine performance supplements; will help keep your pet vibrant, healthy and happy, both inside and out

Details: Hyalun Pro 30 is a liquid oral form of high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid for optimal cushioning properties. One full trigger squeeze of Hyalun Pro 30 in your horse's mouth daily gives your horse the joint support it needs.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?
Hyaluronic Acid is the motor oil for the joint. HA is a mucopolysaccharide that occurs naturally throughout the horse's body. Backed by thousands of clinical trials in the fields of orthopedics and eye surgery, HA lubricates joints as an integral component of synovial fluid.

Why is the molecular weight of supplemental Hyaluronic Acid important?
There are more benefits derived from higher molecular weight acid. The higher molecular weight acid can hold more water, thus better lubrication properties. HyalunPro is one of the purest and highest in molecular weight.

How does Hyaluronic Acid compare to glucosamine or chondroitin?
Glucosamine is a precursor of Hyaluronic Acid. HA in turn makes the synovial fluid. Glucosamine must combine with a glucoronic acid molecule to make Hyaluronic Acid. Often times the body is not able to join these two molecules together and the production of the much needed HA is not optimal. By administering Hyaluronic Acid, you take away the risk of this integral process not happening.

Your pets are a part of your family. They depend on you. At Hyalogic, we focus on the natural, well-being of your beloved pets. When we develop our premium, hyaluronic acid products, we consider not just your pets, but you; the people who love them. A healthy pet makes your life easier, too. We understand the unconditional love our pets give us and we create products that help you give that love back. Our premium quality ingredients and commitment to natural pet care separate us from other animal health companies.

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