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KAL Msm Glucosamine Sulfate Tablets

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Brand: KAL


  • Joint Combo MSM with Glucosamine Sulfate MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane
  • Is a dietary source of sulfur found in living tissue
  • Glucosamine is intended to provide nutritive support for connective tissues
  • 30 servings per container
  • Rapid action formula

Details: MSM and glucosamine are widely used as natural treatments for joint function and pain. MSM increases cartilage and tissue health by preventing deterioration. Glucosamine sulfate is a highly absorbable form of glucosamine that may provide increased benefits for collagen production and maintenance. Kale's MSM Glucosamine Sulfate combines these two essential nutrients in a synergistic formula. Take two tablets daily for improved mobility and reduced joint pain.

Binding: Health and Beauty

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