Mel-O-Chew Melatonin for Kids - 1mg Chewable Sleep Aid Tablets - Natural Supplement for Children and Adults - Helps Fall Asleep Faster and Stay Sleeping Longer - 200 Count

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Product Information

Brand: Maxi Health

Color: Clear


  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Maxi Health Chewable Melatonin Is Non-Addictive; It Is Recommended by Pediatricians As A Safe Natural Supplement To Reduce Restlessness, Jet-lag, Nighttime Anxiety and Insomnia
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS – Maxi Health Melatonin Chews Acts As A Supplement To The Body’s Natural Hormone “Melatonin” To Help Adults and Kids of All Ages Establish Proper Sleeping Patterns, Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer, And Wake Up Feeling Refreshed
  • DELICIOUS BERRY FLAVOR – Natural Berry Flavor Gives Maxi Health’s Mel-O-Chew A Yummy, Child-Friendly Taste; Each Chewable Tablet Is Small, Easy On The Stomach, With No Lingering Aftertaste
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Maxi Health Melatonin Chewables Are 100% Drug-Free; It Is Manufactured In An FDA Approved And GMP Certified Facility, Is VEGETARIAN, Gluten-Free, Certified Kosher, And Contains No Artificial Flavors, Colorings Or Preservatives.
  • CHEWABLE QUICK-ACTING FORMULA – Maxi Health’s Melatonin For Kids And Teens Has Been Doctor Formulated As A QUICK Acting Tablet That Provides A Small Dosage Of Melatonin To Regulate The Body’s Sleep–Wake Cycle

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: The Problem: In our current society, people are always on-the-go and plugged in to devices that keep them from getting the quality sleep they need. If you are getting less than seven hours of sleep a day, or if your child is getting less than ten hours of restful sleep a day despite your attempts at more zzzz’s, your body's circadian rhythm, also known as a body clock, may be out of whack. The Solution: Mel-O Chew™ is a delicious berry flavored chewable melatonin vitamin formulated with you and your family in mind. It is a natural, safe alternative to help your body achieve its natural full sleep cycle. Its effective approach has proven to improve your sleep quality without any harmful side effects, risk of dependency, morning hangover, or withdrawal symptoms. Research has proven that melatonin supplement help for the following conditions: Delayed sleep phase (delayed sleep-wake phase sleep disorder) Insomnia Jet lag Shift work disorder Sleep-wake cycle disturbances Circadian rhythm sleep disorders in the blind Mel-O-Chew For Kids: Maxi Health Mel-O-Chew has been specifically formulated in low 1mg tablets for young children. If your child is experiencing trouble winding down at bedtime due to a change in schedule or general sleeplessness, giving them 1 tablet 30 minutes before their bedtime will help them calm down, relax, and fall into a deep and restful slumber.  

Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

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