Debeukelaer Pirouline Crm Choc Dark 14.1 oz Pack of 6

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Product Information

Brand: Pirouline


  • Contains 6 - 14 ounce tins of Pirouline Rolled Wafers, Dark Chocolate
  • Crisp and light wafer filled with a dark chocolate crème Our perfectly toasted rolled wafers are baked to bring you scrumptious joy. Delight in every luscious bite to add a special touch of Magic to little moments throughout your day, and life.
  • Decadent and crispy, perfect to eat by it's own or combine with coffee, tea or ice cream!
  • The line around the cylindrical cookie is a registered trademark of DBC corp.
  • Baked in USA, Kosher Oud

Publisher: Pirouline

Details: Almost forty years ago, a man and a woman made a decision to raise their family and build their life in America, harnessing their skills, their passions and their sheer force of will to create a new company called Pirouline. They built Pirouline with their bare hands (literally), pouring the bakery foundation, raising the walls, designing the equipment. They took the most famous of his family’s wonderful cookies and reinvented it for the American market, creating an experience no one here had ever had before and, along the way, a home for hundreds of American workers. And in doing so, they honored the past, taking the legacy of Peter’s forefathers, and transforming it into a promise for tomorrow and a commitment to the team who will get us there. This is what the American Dream looks like. It is simply the story of ordinary people coming together to build a better, richer, fuller life for themselves, and then inviting the next generation of dreamers to join them and share in that future.

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