Quercetin 500-Plus Antioxidant - With Vitamin C, Bromelain & Turmeric - 50 Tabs

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Features of Quercetin 500-Plus Antioxidant - w/ Vitamin C, Bromelain & Turmeric - 50 Tabs

Zen Supplements Quercetin 500-Plus with Vitamin C, Bromelain & Turmeric and buffered to be easy on the stomach. It is a naturally occurring bioflavonoid that helps support proper immune system function.*

Quercetin can also help support for the balanced immune system responses to manage seasonal discomfort.*

The body’s allergic response is typically triggered by environmental factors.

Specific chemicals in the environment cause the immune system to respond by secreting chemicals such as inflammatory mediators which cause the characteristic symptoms associated with allergies.

It's a synergistic combination of nutrients and phyto-chemicals that help support a normal healthy response to environmental factors.*

This formula helps in supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response to allergic mediators as well as providing potent antioxidant activity.*

 Benefits of Quercetin 500-Plus Antioxidant - w/ Vitamin C, Bromelain & Turmeric - 50 Tabs

  • Lowers Inflammation*
  • Fights Allergies*
  • Supports Heart Health*
  • Helps Fight Pain*
  • Improves Endurance*
  • Helps Protect Skin Health*

    Have you ever wondered what makes a “superfood” super?

    Or what key superfoods like red wine, green tea, kale and blueberries all have in common?

    The answer is Quercetin, a natural compound tied to what all of us seek: better longevity, heart health, endurance, and immune system.*

    This contains 500 mg of quercetin and a synergistic blend of Vitamin C, Manganese, Bromelain, Turmeric, and Citrus Bioflavonoids to help with pain, inflammation, immunity, and allergies.*

    Why Buy With Us?

    When you buy with Zen Supplements you can rest easy knowing that all of our products are 100% made in America. This is not only helping economy and has ethical labor laws, but it is also much more regulated and clean.

    This prevents unwanted chemicals being used because they are more convenient or accidentally getting into your supplements!

    On top of this we are also GMP certified, which ensures that our label accurately represents what is in the supplement, that it is present in the quantities that we said, and that there are no unwanted/harmful chemicals in the supplement.


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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