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Sensitive Skin Magnesium Oil Spray 8 Ounces

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Brand: White Egret


  • 72 Ionic Sea Minerals
  • Soothes - Hydrates Skin
  • Relaxing- Nourishing - Rejuvenating - Recovering Relieves Tension
  • GMO Free
  • Non-GMO

Publisher: White Egret

Details: Pure Magnesium Oil by White Egret INC 8 oz Oil Pure Magnesium Oil 8 oz Oil is a concentrated mineral complex from the pristine waters of the Great Salt Lake an inland sea in Utah USA. The Great Salt Lake is a mineral-rich inland sea and is a remnant of the ancient Lake Bonneville the largest lake of the last Ice Age. The waters of the Great Salt Lake are 11 times more concentrated than seawater and are high in all natural magnesium chloride. Plus they contain over 72 ionic trace minerals including selenium zinc gold copper and potassium which can help protect the skin from premature aging reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Apply to desired area. Massage well onto the skin for best results. Rinse well after 20 minutes and moisturize with White Egrets Vitamin D3 or Alpha Lipoic Acid lotion. - Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Other Ingredients Concentrated inland seawater from Utahs ancient inland sea the Gr

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