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Source Naturals Provinal Omega-7 for Glucose Metabolism, 90-Softgels

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Brand: Source Naturals


  • Studies indicate that the omega-7, palmitoleic acid, is a healthy fat with remarkable properties.
  • Provinal Omega-7 provides a concentrated source of palmitoleic acid, a fat found in foods associated with good health, such as fish and nuts.
  • Provinal oil is harvested from wild anchovy from Peruvian and Chilean coasts.
  • May support healthy glucose metabolism and may help support liver metabolism and liver health
  • Provides the most concentrated source of palmitoleic acid currently on the market.

Publisher: Inventory Management Services- HPC

Release Date: 04-10-2017

Details: Provinal is a concentrated source of palmitoleic acid, which is an omega-7 fatty acid derived from wild anchovies. Preliminary research on cells in culture has suggested that palmitoleic acid, a normal component of body fats and cell membranes, may work together with insulin to support the uptake of glucose by cells. Palmitoleic acid may therefore help support healthy glucose metabolism. Preliminary research also suggests that palmitoleic acid may help support liver metabolism and liver health. Provinal is a registered trademark of Tersus Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

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