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Super Strength Sinu Fix .5 OZ

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Brand: Natural Care


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Publisher: Natural Care

Details: Enjoy Natural Care SinuFix Super Strength - 0.5 fl oz every day at these amazing prices! Natural Care SinuFix Super Strength Description: For the temporary, soothing relief of virus-induced nasal and sinus congestion and pressure, dry, irritated nasal membranes associated with a cold and sinusitis, irritated/swollen sinus passages, hay fever, overuse of decongestant sprays or drops, or other upper respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis). Helps cleanse nasal passages and promotes nasal and sinus Nasal Decongestant Mist. For Children and Adults. Quick Symptomatic Relief From:Virus-Induced, common cold and flu symptoms, sneezing, nasal congestion, throat irritation, stuffy nose. Non-Addictive 90% of Germs, Viruses and Pollutants May Enter Your Body Through the Nose!All of us breath in through our nose and are inundated daily with thousands of foreign micro particles. Super Strength SinuFix Mist is an innovative formula specifically designed to fight the virus induced nasal allergy/sinus/cold/flu-like symptoms that may result from exposure to germs and viruses in the air in any crowded, potentially germ-infested environment. - Works in Seconds - Safe to use as often as needed - Year-round relief - Non-prescription - No chemical dependency - No side-effects Germs in the Air Everywhere!Effects of the sneeze! Averaging 90 MPH, a sneeze is a sudden, forceful, involuntary burst of air through the nose and mouth. Others may inhale the tiny sneeze droplets that may contain many viral and infectious bodies that drift in the do you inhale through your nose? Answer: Germs, viruses, fungi, pollen, dust, mold, yeast, pollution, rubber tire dust from the street, environments like offices, schools, theaters, restaurants, airplanes, etc. are spawning ground for germs that cause colds and air! 72% of people on an airplane flight caught a cold from one infected person, says a study from the Am. Center for Disease Control and there airborne risk? Answer: We all have to breath,

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