Urban Moonshine Citrus Digestive Bitters | Organic Herbal Supplement | Fast-Acting Relief for Gas, Bloating & Occasional Indigestion | 15 ML Spray (Pack of 1)

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Brand: Urban Moonshine


  • Relieves gas, bloating & occasional heartburn
  • Helps with appetite regulation
  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Traditionally used for skin health & gentle detox
  • Encourages digestive juice production

Details: Citrus Digestive Bitters–for the citrus lover! Our classic digestive bitters are a well-balanced, aromatic, non-laxative update to traditional bitters formulas. Choose your favorite flavor—all have the same base blend—and be on your way to optimizing digestive function. At Urban Moonshine, we believe the flavor of bitterness is fundamental to great digestion. When you taste the challenging flavor of bitterness you strengthen your digestive response and enhance the secretion of the body's natural digestive juices. We are on a mission to bring the bitter flavor back onto our plates and into our medicine cabinets. We are happy to offer six organic digestive bitters—chose the formula that is best suited for you. Our Best-Selling Classic Formulas (Original, Citrus, & Maple), Calm Tummy (formulated for nausea, morning sickness and sensitive tummies), our Healthy Liver (for ultimate liver health, bile production and healthy detox) and last but not least, our Cider Vinegar formula (made without alcohol).

Package Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.7 x 1.2 inches

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