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VegLife B-Complex Vegan Tablet, 100 Count

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Brand: Veglife


  • Veglife's vegan b complex is formulated with an optimal balance of b vitamins in a 100 percent vegan formula
  • Each daily dose delivers vitamin b12, vitamin b6, folic acid and biotin as a part of the complete b vitamin profile.
  • May help to support cardiovascular health, cognitive function, energy production

Publisher: VegLife

Release Date: 17-10-2016


This is the best B-Complex I've tried so far. I normally get side effects from B-Complex, but not from this one. They are not small tablets, but the shape and texture of them makes them easy to swallow. Highly recommend.

Powerful multitaskers, B vitamins are involved in energy metabolism, helping break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into fuel. They help support cognitive function, the transmission of nerve impulses, a healthy stress response and a balanced mood. In addition, they assist in the formation of red blood cells and help support immune function, cardiovascular health, vibrant hair and skin, and stronger nails.

VegLife Vegan B-Complex provides an optimal balance of water-soluble B vitamins, including B6, B12, folic acid, riboflavin and biotin. Because they are not stored in the body, B vitamins must be obtained from the diet. Vegan and vegetarians are particularly at risk of low levels, so supplementation may be a good idea. VegLifes potent Vegan B-Complex is formulated to help replenish these important nutrients for energy and vitality support and your overall health.

VegLife is a 100% Vegan brand designed to meet the unique dietary needs of vegetarians and vegans. All VegLife products are third-party Vegan Certified.

Bust through that dull, low-energy feeling and bring vibrant health and vitality back with this top-shelf B-Complex. Order your bottle of VegLife Vegan B-Complex today!

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