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World Organic prides itself on producing the best liquid chlorophyll on the market. They produce their chlorophyll from alfalfa and the Chairman of the company actually takes two Mega Chlorophyll capsules every day himself, and he's currently 97 years old! Alongside him, his son the president of the company takes 3 new cider vinegar chlorophyll capsules every day at lunch.

World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

    World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

World Organic specializes in their liquid chlorophyll without a doubt. Sourced from Alfalfa, and refined down to pure chlorophyll, which is said to have some pretty amazing affects on your health.*

A number of medical studies have suggested that is could be helpful for skin conditions, body odor, and helping to fight certain cancers.* This stems from the fact that it is an Antioxidant. The liquid form of chlorophyll is the easiest to absorb as it requires the least amount of work from your stomach to get to.*

Other World Organic Products

While World Organic does specialize in liquid chlorophyll, they carry other products as well. Here is a list of their other products that includes, liquid kelp extract, a liquid vitamin B complex, and their Silica 500 supplement.



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